High School Programming Course and Contest

The programming team in the College of Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology welcomes high schoolers to join in for the following:
+ Georgia Tech High School Programming Course.
+ Georgia Tech High School Programming Contest.



Please register by entering registration information at: http://goo.gl/L13Mv


More details

The course runs every Thursday from 6pm-8pm from Feb 2, 2012 through March 29, 2012. The course will be broadcasted online and will be archived so it can be viewed later. Interested students are welcome to join in virtually or join physically at Georgia Tech.


The contest will take place on Saturday, March 31st at Georgia Tech.


The course will cover data structures and computer algorithms such as graph algorithms and dynamic programming.


If you have further questions, please contact:
+ Topraj Gurung, GT Programming Team Coach.

++ topraj at gatech dot edu
+ Jennifer Whitlow, Program Coordinator for Enrollment at College of Computing.

++ jwhitlow at cc dot gatech dot edu