WF 2011 problem set

Problem Statement || (copy)

Solution outlines

Per Austrin's unofficial solution sketch || (copy)
Petr Mitrichev's reflections on WF 2011 problems
more.. Petr Mitrichev's WF 2011 further solution discussion

Unofficial solutions

Thanks to the following people for providing source code:
CMU: Danny Sleator, Richard Peng, Si Young Oh
GT: Artur Satayev, Topraj Gurung, Zhongtian Jiang
Univ of Calgary: Darko Aleksic
Univ of Michigan: Mark Gordon, Qifeng

If you would like to contribute your solution to this list, please email me (topraj at gmail dot com) and I can add it here.
D: (no C++/Java solution). For OCAML solution from Danny, see below

OCAML solutions

Special note about Java code

Please increase your heap and stack size by using the following parameters:
"java -Xmx1024m -Xss8m PROGRAM_NAME"
increases heap size to 1024MB and stack size to 8MB.

World Finals setting should be something similar (8MB stack size, 2048MB heap size) for Java.