High School Programming Course

The programming team in the College of Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology welcomes high schoolers to join in for a programming course.



Please register by entering registration information at: http://goo.gl/L13Mv


Fees, Date and Location

Fees: Free!


Dates: The course runs every Thursday from 6pm-8pm from Feb 2, 2012 through March 29, 2012.


Location: The course will be broadcasted online and will be archived so it can be viewed later. Interested students are welcome to join in virtually or join physically at Georgia Tech.


The classes will be broadcasted at: http://www.twitch.tv/gtprogrammingteam

Students will be able to ask question via this chat interface chat.html


If you want to join the class physically, it will be at:

Room 345, College of Computing Building, 801 Atlantic Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30332


Course content

The course will cover data structures and computer algorithms such as graph algorithms and dynamic programming.


Tentative schedule:

+ Feb 2, 2012: Basics in programming

+ Feb 9, 2012: Data structures

+ Feb 16, 2012: Math and programming

+ Feb 23, 2012: Graph Theory

+ Mar 1, 2012: Graph Theory

+ Mar 8, 2012: Dynamic Programming

+ Mar 15, 2012: Dynamic Programming

+ Mar 22, 2012: Practice contest

+ Mar 29, 2012: Revision



+ Mar 31, 2012: Contest



+ Brandon Whitehead

+ Kyle Davis

+ Calvin Li